The first cold-pressed, grain-free diet for chinchillas and degus, designed to be closer to nature and address the concerns of experts, vets and pet owners regarding obesity and poor digestive and dental health in chinchillas and degus.


Both pets are fibrevores with specialized digestive systems that require high fiber, low energy foods. Meadow Menu replaces the energy-rich grains found in most other foods with over 40 different meadow grasses, plants, vegetables and beneficial seeds. Plus, it contains no added sugar, salt, GMO or artificial ingredients.


As well as being high in fiber, the rich variety of meadow plants and grasses also means your pets gets a wide range of natural and beneficial phytonutrients such as flavonoids, antioxidants and vitamins. But the best way to retain these micro nutrients is to cold press the food, rather than using nutrient-destroying heat like other diets do.


Cold pressing also means the food is less processed and closer to a natural diet which makes your pet's digestive system 'work' at digesting the food and absorbing nutrients - just as it was designed to do. It also contains parsnip which is source of inulin, a natural prebiotic, which feeds and encourages the growth of beneficial gut bacteria.


The special quad-shaped pellets eliminate harmful selective feeding and help to wear growing teeth.


Grown in natural German meadows.

Meadow Menu Grain-Free Chinchilla & Degu Food (4.4 lb)

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  • Hay should the greatest part of your pet's diet (at least 70% by weight), with Meadow Menu making up the rest of their daily rations. Recommended vegetables, dried herbs and certain dried roots can also be offered in small amounts twice a week. Suggested feeding per pet per day: degus 0.3oz chinchillas 0.6oz. Ensure clean water and good quality hay is available at all times.