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It's a bird thing!

Whether it’s finches in need of some fun or parrots who need perches, here at Rosewood, our bird products ruffle feathers in exactly the right way!  From activity toys to keep birds happy and healthy to practical essentials and treats, we’ve got birds covered. 


Packed with papayas, rowan berries, sweet peppers, sage, fennel, and hazelnuts, our Naturals treat range offers something for every bird! Scrummy and tempting, they’re all designed to be challenging – giving your customers’ birds a brilliantly tasty boredom break.

Activity Toys

This innovative range is designed to enrich the lives of pet birds, with exciting options designed with different species in mind. Brilliant Boredom Breakers do exactly what they say on the tin, and we even have Fair Trade produced toys for parrots with a conscience!


Offer your avian aficionados all the accessories they need to keep cages and aviaries welcoming and comfortable. From perches to feeders, quality and value for money are our watchwords.

Wild Bird

From country cottages to city apartments, there’s one pet everyone can enjoy: wild birds.  Take a look at our range of feeders – it offers amazing value for the money.

Wild Bird
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